In February 2013, Byte, a sister non-profit, took over the programs of First Time Computers. First Time Computers has shut down. Byte Back expects its computer refurbishing and repair operations to be up and running in February at a new location to be announced.

We are delighted that Byte Back is in a position to continue the work we started. Your support of Byte Back, through both computer donations and cash contributions, is critical to Byte Back's ongoing efforts. Please visit their web site at

In the meantime, if you have questions about donating a computer, please email Ronald Wade at Byte Back, He may also be reached at 202-529-3395.

Lowell Dodge, Executive Director --- retiring after nearly 10 years, and after First Time Computers has taken in nearly 10,000 donated computers [9,983 to be exact], fixed most of them up, and put them into the hands of those in the DC area needing them.


Recycle your gently used desktop or laptop with First Time Computers. We will give it a new life. Our repurposed and internet-ready computers go to families and nonprofits in a Washington DC-area low-income community where they are needed the most.

Low-income youth and adults we have trained will renew the computers you donate, install a full software package, and make sure they are internet-ready.
First Time Computers puts to good use thousands of computers that would otherwise be prematurely recycled for materials recovery, or worse, become toxic e-scrap in landfills.

Our mission is to empower students and adults in poverty by building their computer resources and skills to support them in achieving their educational and job goals. We seek to put to good use computers that would otherwise go prematurely to waste, or worse, become toxic e-waste in landfills.

Our reach, at this stage, is limited to the Washington DC area.

First, we need donated computers.

Second, we can also use your assistance if you can volunteer.

Third, cash contributions are ALWAYS welcome. To make a cash contribution, please click on Donate Now, below. If you are a federal or postal employee or in the military, you may donate through the Combined Federal Campaign. We are CFC# 58003.

All donations, computers or cash, are tax deductible.